DACA rescinded – Read about important deadlines

President Trump has rescinded the Dream Act – DACA – you can still file for renewal applications as long as the application is filed prior to October 5, 2017 and also as long as your current work authorization expires prior to March 5, 2018.  

Please schedule an appointment ASAP if you fall into this category.!!!!!

Work permits will still be valid up until expiration date.  Keep using the work authorization card which you have in your possession.

Travel Permission (Advance Parole) will no longer be granted.  However, if you are currently outside the United States on an advance parole then you will be permitted to return to the United States.  If you have a travel advance parole that is still current but have not yet traveled outside the United States then I would strongly advise against foreign travel at this point in time.

Please contact my office if you have any questions and/or need to renew your DACA work authorization.

Finally, let me say that this DACA fight and the larger fight in general for immigrant rights is still ongoing and we will not relent until all immigrants, including DACA recipients, is solidified legally.

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