Green Cards

Greencards are available in the United States through the following methods:

I-130 Petition for Alien Relative: One of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain permanent residence is through a marriage petition. U.S. Immigration promotes keeping families together and waives the waiting time for a visa quota for immediate relatives and provides a visa immediately. If you have entered into the United States legally, and are married to a United States citizen, you can potentially obtain your green card status in a matter of months. The first step is to file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative form after your marriage has taken place.  Once this application is approved, you are now eligible to apply for a green card. In the meantime, you may also apply for work authorization while the green card application is processing. USCIS also allows for these three applications to be filed concurrently which quickens the process even more. If the marriage was less than two years at the time of filing the green card, you will be issued a conditional green card for 2 years in which you must then apply for a permanent green card 90 days prior to expiration. This is a way for USCIS to ensure that you entered into a marriage in good faith.  After having your green card for a total of 3 years, you then become eligible to apply for American Citizenship.

I-140 Petition for Employee: Employees can be petitioned through the Labor Certification process for lawful permanent residency status (LPR) which will result in a greencard. Labor Certification is a highly complex process where an experienced immigration attorney is needed. Most aliens residing in the United States who are in illegal status will not be eligible for an employment visa under the current laws and legal framework.

APPROVED PETITIONS: Greencards are available through other avenues if one has an approved case. Some of these cases are an I-360 spousal abuse VAWA approval, a U visa approval, an approval of an asylum application, and other approval notices may yield greencard eligibility depending if certain other relevant factors are established.