Muslim Travel Ban # 2 temporarily blocked by multiple Federal Judges

Several Federal Court Judges have issued an order blocking Donald Trump’s travel ban # 2.  The first was issued by Judge Watson in Hawaii and that was quickly followed by a Judge in Maryland which also blocked travel ban # 2 for different reasons.  Suffice it to say that now these various several court cases will now work there way up the appellate court ladder.  The Judge in Hawaii has issued a nationwide blockage on the executive order so it does not go into effect anywhere in the United States.

I will monitor the progress of these various court cases and I will provide updates as the appellate courts issue their rulings.  Stay tuned.

Also, in my opinion, the Trump travel bans # 1 and # 2 appear to be motivated by nothing more than religious animosity. If the travel bans were issued in the form of executive orders for the stated purpose of protecting an urgent national security risk, then why was the enhanced vetting techniques not researched and implemented as promised?  Why were countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, France, Belgium and Tunisia (just to name a few) not included in the countries whose citizens are excluded from entry since those countries are known conduits for terrorists?

The Travel bans # 1 and # 2 are illogical and nonsensical if enacted for the purpose stated in the executive orders  Nevertheless, the Judges are not guaranteed to decide one way or the other as to the legality of each executive order and the situation must be monitored closely for daily updates and/or changes.

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