New Travel Ban expected soon

President Trump’s new travel ban affecting refugees and people from the seven countries listed (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya) will be barred from entry for some set period of time.  The White House is looking for evidence to support their contention that terrorists are arriving through the refugee program from these seven countries.  This evidence simply does not exist, so it will be interesting to see what President Trump will point to in order to justify this travel ban in the Courts and elsewhere.

The new travel ban will fortunately exclude LPRs (greencard holders) and dual nationals from those countries.  Otherwise, the new travel ban will still be a disaster and most likely still be unconstitutional under the law.  We expect the ACLU and other groups to sue to stop the travel ban once the new one is released and issued.

Greencard holders WILL BE PERMITTED to reenter the United States during the travel ban but student visa holders and other non-immigrant visa holders would be barred temporarily.  The ban will be unnecessary in its intended purpose and also serve to disrupt family reunification, businesses and their actions, and also universities.  Why is it even needed?  Please explain President Trump.

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