Cannabis Law

Though we’ve come a long way since the days when cannabis was illegal in California, we must still consider the regulation of its cultivation, distribution, and sale, as well as any typical business disputes and challenges that come with business operations. Navigating these laws while running your cannabis business can be a challenging undertaking, so it’s important to have a trusted attorney by your side.

F&D has a long history of providing cannabis businesses in the greater Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California area with the services they need, some of which include:

  • Cannabis litigation for business related claims & disputes
  • Evaluation, relocation, and/or transfer of cannabis licenses 
  • Legal planning, including transaction and consultation
  • Corporate guidance
  • Compliance strategies

F&D’s goal is to help cannabis businesses navigate the variety of legal issues that come with the territory so that they may benefit from long-term growth and success.

Awards & Certifications

F&D is proud to offer our clients a creative, cost-effective, and hands-on approach to their legal needs.
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