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Mr. Finnegan was born in New York City, New York. Mr. Finnegan embarked on his undergraduate career at Vanderbilt University.

Mr. Finnegan earned two Bachelor of Science degrees; one in Molecular Genetics and a Second Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology both from Vanderbilt University located in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to completing his double major at Vanderbilt University, Mr. Finnegan found time to excel in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. These activities were a broad range of disciplines which helped shape Mr. Finnegan into a well-rounded individual. These included participating in groundbreaking scientifically published brain mapping studies in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s psychological laboratory. Mr. Finnegan also found time to complete a four year rugby career for the Vanderbilt University Rugby Football Club with games around the United States and in Great Britain, culminating with an SEC Championship and a Mid-South Championship. From the laboratory to the classroom and beyond, Mr. Finnegan made the most of his experience at Vanderbilt University.

Mr. Finnegan then graduated from Southwestern University School of Law, located in Los Angeles California, in 1993. Mr. Finnegan was a member of Southwestern University’s Law Review for two years. Mr. Finnegan was the Law Review Research Editor in his third law school year. Mr. Finnegan made Southwestern University’s Dean’s list on multiple semesters. Mr. Finnegan is now renowned for his skill as a legal researcher. This skill has enabled Mr. Finnegan to promulgate new and innovative legal theories for the benefit of clients who find themselves in a difficult legal dilemma requiring “out of the box” legal thinking.

Mr. Finnegan clerked with the prestigious criminal defense firm of Brody & Price of Beverly Hills, California while enrolled at Southwestern University School of Law. Here, Mr. Finnegan learned how zealous advocacy and hard work will pay dividends in the client?s fight for individual rights against incredible odds and against the governmental judicial systems. Legal representation requires zealous advocacy in most occasions.

After passing the California State Bar, Mr. Finnegan honed his craft as an Associate Attorney for the Sherman Oaks California law firm of Korenberg & Abramowitz. From 1993 through 1996 Mr. Finnegan represented clients in all areas and all aspects of Immigration law on behalf of KAF law firm. Mr. Finnegan was responsible for handling his own caseload and for directing lines of strategy for immigration defense. In addition to practicing law at the INS and Immigration Courts located in Southern California, Mr. Finnegan was responsible for case management and client communications.

Mr. Finnegan has now represented well over 500 immigration clients in all aspects of immigration law. Mr. Finnegan is known for his versatility in Immigration Law in all areas of the Immigration practice. Satisfied clients include a wide array of immigrants and refugees. The clients have included persons arrested at the border at the time of entry requesting political asylum all the way to the other end of the spectrum including major corporate directors who are relocating to a field office within the United States. The venues Mr. Finnegan has practiced law include the dusty hallways of an INS jail on a border town in El Paso, Texas all the way to the hallowed halls of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Mr. Finnegan has accompanied immigration clients to Consular interviews in third countries outside the United States. In 1996, Mr. Finnegan opened up his own immigration law practice in Los Angeles California which immediately thrived and grew.

In 1997, Mr. Finnegan joined his Immigration practice with attorney Mr. Kasey Diba’s law practice and Finnegan & Diba was born. The firm grew which further grew the immigration clientele in the Los Angeles area for Finnegan & Diba. Today, Immigration practice is but one of the areas of specialization for the law firm which has grown into the successful business corporate law practice known as Finnegan & Diba, a Law Corporation.

Earning the reputation as the Immigration Attorney with a big heart, friendly approach, and razor sharp legal mind, Mr. Finnegan quickly became one of the most well respected known attorneys at the Immigration Court and at the U.S. immigration offices.

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