Your business products, identity, and goodwill are all valuable assets that deserve and necessitate protection. At F&D, not only do we ensure your property is protected, but we also assist you in choosing a business or product name that’s right for you. 

Starting a new business or product requires significant upfront capital expenditures which, if not carefully planned, could all go to waste with one cease and desist. Let us put your mind at ease so you can worry about building your company.

Good branding increases your company value and distinguishes you from your competitors.  A brand represents your values, reputation, and hard work. We can help you protect your brand through our trademark legal services, including:

  • Trademark Availability Search with Analysis
  • Preparation of Trademark Application
  • Responses to USPTO Office Actions
  • Maintenance and Renewal Trademark Filings
  • Investigation of Trademark Infringement and Protection
  •  Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Trademark Litigation

In addition to trademarks, F&D also outsources additional intellectual property matters, such as copyright and patents, to some of the best intellectual property attorneys in the nation to ensure that you and only you profit from your ideas.

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F&D is proud to offer our clients a creative, cost-effective, and hands-on approach to their legal needs.
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