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Help for Ukrainians

Finnegan & Diba is committed to assisting as many Ukrainians as possible with their valiant effort to oppose the Russian unprovoked attack on Ukraine. The United States is providing support and humanitarian relief to Ukrainian nationals in need both in the United States and abroad and it has opened up legal immigration avenues to assist those Ukrainian refugees in need of escape.

Finnegan & Diba also wishes to help those Ukrainians suffering in the Ukraine who lack the basic necessities for survival like food, clothing, and basic hygiene and first aid supplies. A non-profit group called ‘Hearts with Ukraine’ is providing direct assistance to cities and villages inside the country without government red tape or complicated international bureaucratic delays and/or combined focus on other global problem countries. Relief supplies are delivered DIRECTLY to those Ukrainians most in need and that is why Finnegan & Diba supports Hearts with Ukraine. If you wish to donate to this worthy cause, then please click the button below.

Also, if you would like further information about what legal immigration pathways are available for Ukrainians then click the ‘Show me how’ button and also register for our email update list to keep informed about all future legal immigration developments for Ukrainians.

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