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First, you must petition for a fiancé visa, Form 129-F. Second, you must bring your spouse to the United States. Third, you must enter a legally recognized marriage within 90 days of his or her arrival.

Some countries have different rules for marriage, and those rules may differ from those in the United States. In America, marriage is governed by the states. While these rules can differ from state to state, if for example you marry in Los Angeles, California marriage rules do apply. In California, you must have a marriage license before the wedding. Your fiancé must be at least 18 years old when applying for the marriage license. Your fiancé must be of sound mind and entering the marriage freely. In California, cousins may marry each other. Neither you nor your fiancé should be married with another person, even if that marriage occurred in another country, and even if your culture allows for plural marriages. If any of these rules are broken, the marriage is considered void. Thus, your fiancé runs the risk of deportation if he or she cannot obtain a visa for other reasons. You could also face criminal charges.

What Happens if We Don’t Get Married?

Once your spouse arrives in America on the approved visa, you have 90 days to enter into a legally recognized marriage. You can marry anywhere in the United States so long as the wedding is lawful. If you do not marry, the visa automatically expires. If your fiancé is still in the United States, after their visa has expired, they’re residing unlawfully.

What if My Fiancé was Previously Deported and/or Turned Away at the Border?

Deportation is not a total bar to a fiancé visa, but you and your fiancé will have to show the immigration court that it’s not a problem to let your fiancé back into the United States. In such circumstances, it is in one’s best interest to contact an experienced Los Angeles immigration lawyer for legal counsel.

Interested in Obtaining a Fiancé’ Visa? Take Action by Contacting An Experienced Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Today

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