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In recent immigration news, persons looking to file applications for asylum are now mandated by US guidelines to apply through a new mobile phone App called CBP One.

However, there are a multitude of issues with the implementation of CBP One and critics, including myself, deem it racist and discriminatory. For one, the new App discriminates against those individuals who either do not own a cell phone or those without access to reliable Wi-Fi (i.e. those from low income households, people living in rural areas and the elderly population, to name a few).

To make matters worse and further compound the situation, news reports (see attached AIC article) are stating that the photo function fails to capture photos of individuals with darker complexions. These details are highly alarming considering the US DHS has already been targeted for discriminatory policies such as Title 42 and their mistreatment of Haitian refugees, raising concerns of skin color bias when it comes to immigration policies. Unfortunately, the fact that dark-skinned individuals are unable to file their applications for asylum at a rate significantly higher than light-skinned individuals with do nothing to alleviate this concern of racial bias.

As far as we know, CBP One has yet to respond to these criticisms.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops further.

-Reynold Finnegan, Esq.

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